It is our pleasure to provide the public with these stunning works of art that were painstakingly produced by engravers and lithographers throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Originally drawn from field studies, often by great plant collectors, these drawings were then handed to engravers and prints were thus made. Colourists were employed to hand colour each print. These colourists were often women working in teams. They also worked on costume prints and magazines of the period.

Nicola Wagner Prints at Pacific Orchid ExpositionTo sell these prints on the open market is our tribute to the time spent in observation and execution of images of natural history, prior to the invention of the camera. It is also our way to pay tribute to species current and extinct. We care about conservation, not only of paper but we care about our planet. Given that most of our original works are well over 100 years old, we hope you will see the value of purchasing one. Slow is beautiful. Observing, collecting, engraving, printing and coloring prints were meditations that are still held within the magic of the antique print.

Nicola Wagner Prints has been in operation since 1994, selling antique prints and ephemera throughout California and beyond. Initially selling in the Antiquarian Book Fairs, with interests in books, posters, postcards, photos, and maps, the business now has a focus on Flower and Garden Shows and Interior Design, with a large inventory of Natural History and Botanicals. We sell to designers in the San Francisco Bay area.