After 15 years in the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show and the Northwest Flower & Garden Show Seattle, our print business is taking a break from trade shows. Feel free to contact us through our site. Nicola finished her A.S. degree in Horticulture from Cabrillo College in Aptos, and gained her certificate in Permaculture from the Regenerative Design Institute CA and Greywater Installer Certificate from Ecology Action, Santa Cruz CA.
She has engaged in several greywater installations in Santa Cruz, and designed the Edible Food Forest plans for the Permaculture project at Cabrillo in 2010 with fellow plantswoman Heather Blume.
If you are interested in garden design and plant selection choices for you garden please contact Nicola -

A garden is not only an outdoor room for socializing, but it can act as a plant sanctuary and even a wild life sanctuary by choosing native species and low to no water plants suited to this Mediterranean climate. If you would like to discuss concepts and ideas for developing a very special environment for yourself, Nicola is available for consultation and enjoys doing rough concept sketches, measured drawing and permaculture principles in a concept/design.
Her own small garden in Aptos, went from a small lawn with lots of roses and perennials, to a more rambling fruit tree garden with vegetables and roses, perennials with no lawn.



Cabrillo Permaculture Plan - Food Forest

Cabrillo Permaculture Plan - Keyhole Garden


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